Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Would Rather Be Crocheting

When I was younger I never really minded doing my cleaning. I used to rip around the house from top to bottom and then sit back in the evening and really enjoy a super clean, freshly smelling house. Nowadays I would rather be crocheting. I seem to have undergone a metamorphosis from Aggie the Queen of Clean into Woman in a Dressing Gown. Although I do like my house to be nice and clean it is such an effort these days to summon up the enthusiasm to wield the duster, mop and hoover. I tend to do part of it and then leave it for a couple of day before I finish off the rest. Consequently by the time I have done the second part it is time to do the first part again Sigh. Where are those house cleaning, dust busting fairies? They don't seem to know where I live.

Apart from a brief sit down for Loose Women and 60 minute makeover I haven't had time to pick up a hook today. I have started another of Kay Jones patterns but still have a sleeve and all of the edgings and stitching up to do. I hope to finish it off tonight if I can.

The knitting machine is waiting for be picked up tomorrow. There is a box of manuals and the blue plastic bag has some part machine cones waiting to be practised on. A friend is calling for the machine tomorrow evening. I think they will be really happy with the machine and it's ribber as it looked in quite good condition when I had a peek in the box last night. I haven't taken it out to check it over. I will let them do that. I hope that it has all of it's parts and is usable. If not then it must be something small that is missing as the obvious things seem to be in the box.

I have included another photo of the baby cardigan as it has now dried and is off the blocking board.

The rain is streaming down the patio doors in torrents. So much for the nice day that we had yesterday. I knew that it could not last after all I do live in Rainy Manchester!


Anonymous said...

The pattern you are now working on is one of the ones that I purchased yesterday.

Today I'm working on a Knifty Knitter loom so I can teach it to my grandkids when they come. It's been a lot of fun so far. Maybe they won't get to play with it after all. Maybe it will be Nana's instead. :-)

Have a great rainy day.

Knitting Nurd said...

What an adorable little cardigan! When it comes to housework, it's the deep cleaning that I get behind on...scrubbing walls, cleaning windows, wiping out cupboards, etc. Ugh!