Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Granny Square Pram Blanket

I made this second baby pram blanket or small shawl as a giant granny square. I made is this way as it was easy and quick to make and as I started it on the coach trip I didn't want something that I had to concentrate on. I have now made 2 cream blankets for Louise's baby which is due in approx 11 days time. I rang her this morning to tell her that they were finished and her mother answered and said she had gone to work! These modern mums work a lot longer these days. I suppose it is so they can get the maximum maternity leave once the baby arrives. There was no such thing when I had my son. I think we got a bit of money from the government if we had paid enough NI stamps but that only lasted a few weeks and was a mere pittance compared to the wages that they get these days.

The expectant mum across the road was having a cleaning frenzy yesterday. She said her house is spotless and was in the process of hoovering out the car when I went shopping so I guess her baby (due in 7 days) will be making it's appearance soon.

I was thinking back to my weekend away and remembered one of the party saying to me on the way back home that her lasting impression of Hull was a bride vomiting in the gutter. Apparently she was in full bridal dress but this lady was not sure if the wedding had taken place as the "bride" kept shouting "Where's me fiance? I want me fiance" Was it perhaps a hen night where she had dressed as a bride or had the groom seen the light and left her at the altar? Guess we will never know the answer to that one. As this lady remarked I only hope that the wedding dress wasn't a rental! This beats the wedding that I saw once where the bridal dress had been roughly cut up the back and then laced up with white shoe laces, though holes made with scissors,as the bride was heavily pregnant! Obviously a case of buying the dress before the pregnancy or borrowing one at the last minute. It would have been better if at least they had the dress altered and stitched instead of looking as though it had been hacked up the back by a pair of kitchen scissors. The bride at that wedding was drunk and abusive as were most of the guests. I just had the misfortune to go into a pub where the wedding party was being held upstairs. I left pretty quickly after that.

I am still working my way through a pile of ironing. That is the one chore that I still find difficult since my spinal op. I have to do some and then rest. I have tried ironing sitting on a stool but I find that equally as hard as I am up and down off the stool getting fresh things to iron or putting the ironed things on hangars.

I am off to watch Loose Women which came back on TV after the summer break yesterday. I will probably start one of my new baby crochet patterns today although I should finish off the knitted baby 4ply jackets that are on the needles.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. The stories about the brides made me chuckle. My very first memory of London was walking out of Victoria Station and having a man throw up right in front of me. He missed my shoes by no more than 2 inches. We have laughed about my "erupting welcome to London" many times since.

Love all your projects. The blanket is beautiful. The new mom will love it.