Sunday, 6 September 2009

Popo from Brooklyn

This is Popo, a travelling sock monkey, who comes from Brooklyn in the US. For those of you who have followed my blog you may remember Ladybird Murphy who made her TV debut with the Knitting Noras when we appeared on Channel M news some months ago. Bev, a fellow Knitting Nora, belongs to a Ravelry group called When Monkeys Fly on the John Deere Tractor Group forum. The idea is that people make a sock monkey and he or she then sets off on her travels around the world and in each place the sock monkey visits photos are taken and their wardrobe is added to. I am not sure what Bev has added to Popo but the last lady sock monkey that she fostered got a tiara and a ballgown and went to London to be photographed in various places including the Ritz and Buckingham Palace.

Popo was born (knitted) in Brooklyn to Lulu, then set off on her travels and is currently residing in Bolton with foster mum Bev for a little while before setting off on her travels again. Bev's travelling sock monkey is called Blathers but I am not sure where he is at the moment or when he will be back home to mum.

I made a sock monkey called Thelonius Monkey but he only travelled to Kentucky as he was a gift to a friend who is a jazz fan. Technically he isn't a travelling monkey as he has only made one journey!

I have posted photos of my new hair clip and its instructions as Beansieleigh was wondering how it fitted as she has fine hair. My hair is long but very fine and the combs really grip into my hair and they feel very secure. I also like the way that the clip lies flat to my head so if I am travelling in a car or sitting on the sofa then the clip does not stick into the back of my head as my others sometimes do. Once the clip is in place then you wiggle the comb so that the teeth interlock together and that makes the clip doubly secure. If you look at the instructions then you can see the method used. My niece called today and said she had a similar clip that she would give me. Her hair is quite thick and bouncy so she had not managed to get hers to work in her hair successfully. She says hers is shades of purples which is my favourite colour.

I am crocheting a baby cardigan from one of the new patterns that I ordered from Kay Jones last week. I will hopefully have it finished for tomorrow when I can take a photos of the finished cardigan. I have another one to make for a different child but I need to see which child this cardigan fits so that I can make the next one smaller or bigger.


Bev Adam said...

Hi Jan, thanks for posting pic of Popo and explaining the travelling monkey project. My Blathers is in Florida with Jollypyrate right now, he will go to Happysunshine in Northern Ireland next and then back to his mum! Can't wait to see what glad rags he has picked up on the way.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! Thanks for posting more about this clip. I would LOVE to try these, and all I have to do is decide what color(s) I want before ordering. I'll let you know when I try them out! ~tina