Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Sun Didn't Last Long

Well the sun didn't last long. It isn't raining today but it's gone cold again. I managed to mow the lawn today. Well managed to mangle the grass with my lawn mower is a more accurate description. My lawn mower doesn't like grass that is even the slightest bit damp.It just chews it up and wraps it around the blades.

I am still crocheting the Blue Curacao for Jen but as the wool is very fine I am going to have to do a lot of adaptions as I am at the two thirds stage of the shawl according to the pattern but as you can tell the shawl would fit a 2yrs old at the moment and not an adult. I will have to work out how to keep increasing the pattern out to make it large enough. It will be a finer shawl altogether instead of the sturdy shawl it is meant to be.

I have seen the first photo of the front cover of the Naked Knitting Calendar with a photo of Linda wearing my pink crocheted coat. It was on Bev's Flickr site and taken at the I Knit in London. I won't get my copies of the calendar until Wednesday so I can't give you a glimpse of it until then. I must confess to being slightly irritated by the front cover as I hate it when Naked Knitting is written as naked knitting. What is it these days when people don't use capital letters? Is it supposed to be trendy to write everything in lower case? I am old fashioned and like to see things written down properly. I also would have liked to see Bolton Knitting Noras written on the cover to show who was in the calendar but I guess that wasn't trendy enough either.

Poppy is fast asleep at my feet. She has deserted her mistress (my next door neighbour) as she is painting her lounge and Poppy got paint on her ears yesterday and had to get bathed. Poppy spent most of yesterday with me also. I think she likes a break from time to time from Buddy the spaniel as he is much younger and more boisterous than she is. She is so quiet though I keep forgetting she is here and have trodden on her tail already today as she will tuck herself under my chair whilst I am on the PC.

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