Thursday, 24 September 2009

It's A Boy

I have had to put away all thoughts of girly pink crochet once again. Fynnlay James was born around 6am this morning. I don't know any more details except that Louise managed a natural delivery this time as she had hoped after the traumatic emergency C section with Charlie 16 months ago.

I shall be starting little blue things as soon as I have finished Charlie's aran cardigan. I have started one of the fronts. The sleeves were easily made as they are just in double moss stitch so I did those whilst watching Midsomer Murders last night. Getting rid of those energy saving light bulbs has been the best thing that has happened recently. I honestly thought that I was losing my eyesight or getting cataracts. I might make a little beanie or weigh the wool to see if I have enough for another plainer cardigan or sweater with the remainder of the big ball of Aran. Might as well make sure that Charlie has enough woollies for the winter.I will keep any other garments back and put them with his Christmas present as they will still be plenty big enough then.I always make aran designs on the bigger side so that the child can get at least 12 months out of it. They are sturdy enough to be used as a jacket for cooler days in the summer months. I always kept an aran in the car when Ian was growing up for the days when it went unexpectedly cold.

I went shopping this morning and just came back in time to see the couple across the road bringing home baby Zac (or Zak I must enquire) I didn't get to see the baby as by the time I had walked down the street they had gone into the house. I forgot to buy any birth congratulation cards so I will have to get them tomorrow. I will hopefully get a peep at him sometime later in the week once the family has settled down a bit. I don't believe is visiting a new baby until a few days have passed. I remember being bombarded with visitors when my son was born and being so tired that I wished they would all just go home so I always bear this in mind and just pop in and pop out with my first visit to a new baby.

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Anonymous said...

That is the way it should be, a short visit to make sure the mother isn't getting frazzled by all of the guests... Funny how some people just don't know how to go home on their own, isn't it?.. As usual your sweaters are going to be wonderful, I think this year I might learn to knit, I would love to make my own socks... Lynn