Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Pattern 55

This is another of Kay Jones's patterns. It is number 55 and is the second pattern from the top if you click on the link in the blog title. It is made with Wendy Lustre DK and has taken about 150 grams to make the 20-22" chest. The rosebuds are just balanced on as I don't have enough of them to put on this sweater and the one I have yet to make. The person I am making them for will finish off the trimming as she desires. I have to make a smaller size sweater and another of the cardigans from my previous post in s smaller size.

Today Kath and Sylvia came to visit along with Wilma the dog and the foster baby B. I took some beautiful photos of the baby with the dog but for obvious reasons I can't post them on this blog. The baby must remain anonymous until his future is decided.

Whilst I showed Kath and Sylvia the way to the bus stop I missed the friend who was coming to pick up the knitting machines by a few minutes. He came early. Isn't it always the way that you can stay in for hours and the minute that you go out for 10 minutes someone calls. Such is life I suppose. It is the same reason why your toast always drops butter side down! I have missed deliveries before today merely because I visited the smallest room for a natural break and could not answer the door quick enough. I have thought of wearing a catheter for such occasions or putting a sign on the door saying back in a weeeee while!

I have started the second cream sweater but if I post another photo then it will look like more photos of the same sweater so guess you won't see many project photos for the next couple of days! That's the only trouble with making two things the same.

I have seen on the Naked Knitting Blog site today a post that says the calendar should be ready tomorrow but I won't get to see it until the next knit out. It will be available for order from the weekend if you pop along to the web page (links on the right hand side) If they ask who told you about the calendar then please tell them that I did. If you are going to the I Knit show in London then I believe it will be launched and for sale there. I don't know, as yet, when it has it's launch in Bolton. I do hope that they have one after all it is a Bolton project and should be publicized in Bolton where more people are aware of us, and of Christies Hospital, through the Bolton Evening News and the Manchester Evening News articles that have appeared recently, plus local radio and TV appearances. It would be nice to get all the Calendar ladies plus the rest of the Knitting Noras together for a big launch.

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

So pretty Jan:) It would be the right thing to do getting all the Noras together and launching the calendar in Bolton after all the publicity from the local press
Heres hoping that they do so