Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Oops - That Adaptation Didn't Work

As you can see my first attempt at making Jen's Blue Curacao shawl in double knit hit a snag. I have made the adaptation once before and swore never again. Basically the shawl was designed by Doris Chan for Aran weight wool. I have made it successfully (if somewhat larger) in chunky but the pattern does not adapt well to finer yarn. I thought that I had cracked the repeat pattern to continue to make it larger but as you can see crochet, pattern adaptions and watching TV don't exactly mix so I had to unravel 3 balls worth of crochet last night. Grrr I will have to take more care when I restart and lay the shawl flat after every row to make sure that the pattern is tracking and the increases are in the right place this time.

Last night I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club. We had a hilarious time as the Laughing Club meet upstairs and so far we have never heard them. Last night, however, they must have been on a roll as gales of laughter were coming from the upstairs room combined with a lot of running about and thumping. Lord only knows what they were up to but it did sound fun. I believe it is some kind of therapy group where they start off doing laughing exercises and finish up with genuine laughter.

I must congratulate Rachael (and Ben of course),one of the Knit Club founders as she has got engaged and was bringing some light into the snug by flashing her sparkler around! She is off to Germany soon for 3 months with her art. Her blog is ArtYarn and the link is on the right hand side. You should take a look as she is a very talented lady.

Today I am off to Bolton Market to meet up with Kath and Sylvia. Have a spot of lunch and a browse around the market. They have one of the best fish stalls in the North followed closely by the famous Bury Market.

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Anonymous said...

It's such beautiful yarn though. Could you adapt the True Friend Shawl at www.redheart.com? I think so and it's lovely. I'm working on one now in a peach color for a friend's birthday.