Friday, 25 September 2009

Chuffed to Bits - Calendar on Doris Chan's blog

For those of you who don't understand my blog title. Chuffed to bits in another way as saying pleased as Punch or really happy. Why am I so happy? Doris Chan has not only ordered one of our Naked Knitting Calendars but she has posted us on her blog ! (Click on blog title) and also left me a couple of messages. She has recognised her designs on the calendar's front cover and on my calendar page.Wow what an honour. For those of you who may not know Doris Chan is a world famous crochet designer who designed one of the most famous crochet shawls ever - Blue Curacao. As you know I absolutely love this pattern and have made it many times. Strangely I don't actually own one of these shawls so the next one that I make must be for me!

If you don't own a Doris Chan book then all I can say is why not? Her Everyday Crochet book has to be my all time favourite and I have lost count of the many garments I have made from it. The Amazing Crochet Lace book is home to the Blue Curacao shawl pattern. I must admit that I did struggle a little with my first garment but that was before I discovered the Doris Chan forums on Ravelry where everyone is so helpful and Doris Chan also steps in to explain things when people have queries. What better service could you get than that. A designer who actually cares if you understand her patterns or not. Her garments are worked top down and in the round and so it takes a bit of getting used to at first but now I love the fact that they are so comfortable to wear and the best part is no seaming and very little sewing in any of her garments plus the fact that I can try garments on in progress and make adjustments from one size to another size if needed. The bonus for me is that she gives adjustment rows for us boob heavy ladies to give that extra fit across the front.

Charlie's aran is almost finished now. Just got the bands to make and of course the stitching up. Then I think it's a blue baby blanket next for his new baby brother Fynnlay.

Thanks for your comments Lynn. Come and visit the Knitting Noras one day and there will be someone there to help you get started with your knitting.

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