Sunday, 20 September 2009

Paella and Cava in the Sunshine

My neighbour's son and his wife to be are over from Spain and today Steve cooked up a Paella and invited me and Julie, my neighbour, to join them for Paella and Cava. As you can see we all got a bit merry in the sunshine drinking Cava with Grenadine. It was so good to have a laugh and a good afternoon out. Well it beats staying in with the TV and my crochet doesn't it? Getting merry once in a while doesn't hurt anyone.

I have finished off Jen's shawl. Luckily I had finished off sewing all the ends in before I hit the Cava and Grenadine! It has taken 18 x 25 grams of the unknown wool (possibly alpaca or merino) that Jen bought from Black Sheep at the Stitch and Craft show in Manchester. I do hope that no-one of Ravelry asks me for the adaptation of the shawl to Double Knit instead of Aran as I haven't written anything done. I just winged it "rack o' th'eye" as my Dad used to call it. That means that you don't measure or work anything out on paper you just use your eye judgment to do something. I don't think anyone on Ravelry would understand if I wrote rack o'th 'eye down do you? I think I have said before that I am very much a visual crocheter. I write very little down if I improvise or make up a pattern as I regularly do and I am sure that I annoy a lot of people when they ask how it is done. I really have no idea how I did it - I just did! I used to stand in front of shop windows and then go home and almost copy something that I had seen without a pattern. Some of my best work in the past has been patternless. It is only in recent years that I have used patterns on a regular basis.

Today I did start a baby aran cardigan for Charlie in navy blue but as the sun was shining and it was quite warm for a change I didn't last long with my knitting as the yarn was squeaking along on the needles. Yes, OK it is mostly acrylic I am using but I refuse to knit wool for a child of under 18 months who is still teething and cannot find his mouth with his food. Mum is expecting another baby any day now so I am sure she would not appreciate my giving her a hand wash wool garment for her elder child.

No sign of the neighbours overdue baby yet. He? is overdue by 11 days now so the dynamite boys are set to move in any day now. No sign of Charlie's brother or sister either. I think they are all hanging on for Christmas!


June said...

You all look so happy sitting outdoors eating Paella and drinking Cava. What a lovely day for late September, one to remember when the dark nights draw in.

Anonymous said...

Seeing you sitting there with your friends makes me want to join you. I think you and I would be good buddies. We definitely like to laugh and we can crochet up a storm -- with or without patterns -- plus I can tell you have a wonderful sense of humor. Wish you were closer.

Love the shawl! Oh by the way, how did you do it? hahahahaha! Just had to ask . . .