Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back To Knitting Again

I am back to knitting for a while. I am making an aran cardigan for Charlie so that he won't feel left out when the new baby (when it arrives) gets presents. The colour is darker than it appears in my photo so my knitting this is restricted to the daytime when I can see what I am doing. Luckily Charlie is too young to realise that the pattern shows the cardigans on girls! Last night at the Kings Arms I worked a bit more on the never ending 4ply baby cardigan for his brother or sister to be. Louise went in hospital in labour on Friday even but by Saturday morning everything had stopped again and so she came back home. Apparently she is still in slow labour but no news yet. The neighbour across the road might have gone in hospital as there was a lot of activity late yesterday but I haven't seen anyone to enquire as yet.

I don't really have a lot of news today. A Ravelry contact of mine in the US has messaged me to say she wants to order a few copies of the calendar. I managed to sell one at the Kings Arms last night which is now on the wall in the snug where the knit club is held..Rachael says she will either put a sticker on it or a sign underneath saying it is for sale for Christies as it isn't apparent from just looking at he front cover that it is for charity. People in the pub thought that I was just selling it for the Knit Group. She said she will add where they can buy it from. Hopefully once they realise it is for Christies then they will put a few orders in.

I have put a photo of the front cover of Inside Crochet that I got for a bargain price of £3 at the Stitch and Craft show. I know that I should support a UK crochet magazine but so far I have found that there is very little in it that I would actually make and it has far too many features in it and not enough patterns. Maybe other people like reading about designers. their work and new wools etc which I do to a certain extent but I found it to be overkill on the features and light on the content. A Kings Arms fellow knitter likes the blue wrap so I have told her to buy the wool and I will make it for her. It is done in Jamieson 2ply and only takes 4 balls. I am looking forward to the latest Interweave Crochet magazine which is already out in the US so it should reach me sometime in September as UK is always a month behind.


June said...

Just received the latest copy of Inside Crochet and don't think I will be renewing my subscription. I know it is a UK magazine, but I prefer the one's from the US, as the patterns are so much more to my taste.

boltoncrafter said...

Enjoy reading your blog, especially as your are a local. I am amazed at the number of projects you have completed recently. Looking forward to reading about your activities in the future. Maybe I'll make it to the Bolton Knitting Noras one day!