Monday, 28 September 2009

Kings Arms Knit Club 2nd Anniversary

I took some mindless garter stitch knitting with me to the Knitting Noras Knit Out on Sunday as I have learned that I can't do an aran pattern and chat at the same time. This blanket is more of a pram or bassinet size 25" x 25". I used 200 grams of James C Brett Quick and Easy Fashion Chunky. Rather a misnomer as far as I am concerned as I had to switch my needles to wooden ones and change the size. With plastic needles the yarn made static and it stuck to the needles making it very slow going indeed. The second ball worked up better than the first as I managed to find the centre pull. I don't know why but I aways find yarn easier to use from the centre. I cast on 60 sts with 6 1/2mm needles. I decided to edge it in white crochet as it looked rather unfinished with just a plain garter stitch edge. I crocheted a circle and added ears to make some kind of animal. I think I was aiming for a Teddy Bear shape. I have not decided which of the baby boys will be the recipient of this blanket. I do have several more balls in the same wool and colour so I can make a second blanket although I may change the pattern stitch to something a little more interesting than boring garter stitch.

I have finished the back of Charlie's second aran jacket. I am making a 20-22 this time hoping that with the smaller size and less intricate pattern I will have enough yarn as I had slightly less than a half 400 gram ball left from his last jacket.

Buster is here and has settled in nicely. I didn't get any sleep last night as not only was my knee aching I had forgotten what it is like too share a bed with a bull boxer who likes to sleep spread out across the bed. His favourite position is with his head tucked in the crook of my neck breathing loudly in my ear which as you can imagine isn't conducive to a good night's sleep. He is, at the moment, ridding my sofas of every cushion so the front room looks like a pillow fight. He has a hatred of cushions and perceives them as enemies to be dealt with at all cost. He banished the throws to the floor within 10 mins of his arrival. Hopefully he will sleep whilst I am out. I managed to walk him this afternoon and he went back into his normal routine of stick throwing followed by a half hour in the stream chewing the same stick to shreds. No matter how long the gap is between his visits to me he follows the exact same pattern and the same timing as when he lived here.

Tonight I am going to the Kings Arms Knit meeting. As it is the 2nd anniversary of it's conception we are going to a Chinese Banquet instead of to the Kings Arms tonight. I don't think that I will be taking my knitting there unless I decide to start another mindless pram blanket. I doubt if much aran knitting will be done tonight.

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