Saturday, 28 February 2009

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible

How did I cope with Buster all the time? He seems to think I am his personal slave and plaything.

I managed to walk (well hobble) him on a walk today and we have played ball a lot of the time. Since my son had him back home he is a lot more lively than he used to be when he lived with me. Not surprising as he shares his home with a young rottweiler who chases him around all of the day.

Last night he took up his usual sleeping spot. he started off with me and then disappeared into the spare room. I had one of my coughing fits in the middle of the night and he came back in my room and laid his head over my throat as if to say - Will you shut up! He then kept licking my throat which is unusual as he is not a licking kind of dog. Whatever it was that he did it worked and I stopped coughing and went back to sleep again.

I am hoping that my new pills from the doc work soon. So far there is no improvement.

I haven't managed to get much crochet done today - I wonder why? Normality will be resumed when he goes back home again tomorrow evening.

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June said...

Arn't dogs just wonderful! I can just imagine Buster trying to make your cough better and it seems that it worked for a while.
Hope you get a permanent cure for your cough very soon.