Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A bit of dog minding

I had the pleasure of looking after Buddy this morning. Buddy is my neighbour Julie's dog so is quite used to me but he had never stayed at my house before. He was as good as gold and played quite happily for an hour or so. It felt nice to have a dog about the place again. He took over Buster's spot as sentinel and guardian of the street on the brown chair as he gazed out of the window.

My crocheting is continuing nicely. I now have two sleeves in the Pink Duster and am back to crocheting the body. This will take some time as the coat is almost a full length one.

Today I had a telephone interview with a reporter from Yours magazine about knitting. We spoke about the knitting clubs that I belong to. The Kings Arms Knitters and the Knitting Noras. She wanted to know a little about me and how I had found out about the knit clubs. I managed to get a quick plug in about the Naked Knitting Calendar and she wants to be kept updated as to our progress and when the calendar will be up for sale.

I have got my appointment for a Bone Density Scan for next Tuesday. I will be interested to know whether I have inherited my bone problems from my family or whether it is from accidental damage over the years.

I have been catching up with blogs and we knitters seem to be an unhealthy lot of late. Me with my bones and my racking cough, Ambermoggie with her excema rash, Jam and Jerusalem's OH and his asthma cough, Vicky's sore elbow and Lisa's sore hands. Is the knitting community falling to bits? Let's hope we all get well soon!


June said...

What a lovely dog. Looks like he feels at home with you. How exciting that you had someone from Yours Magazine come and see you. Perhaps you have found fame at last!

Zu said...

What a sweet dog! I know it must have felt good to have a dog around again. :-)

ree said...

That is a good looking dog. Looks like he's very well cared for with such a beautiful coat. No wonder you're being interviewed, you are a world renowned crocheter/raconteuse.