Saturday, 7 February 2009

Stitch and Creative Crafts exhibition

Yesterday I went with my friend Jennifer to the Stitch and Creative Crafts Exhibition at Manchester G Mex. I haven't been to one for years and I was so shocked how small it has become. Last time I went, admittedly it was quite a few years ago, it filled the whole hall and there was so many wool stalls I was spoiled for choice. This time as we went in it fitted in just over a quarter of the hall. If they had not had the stalls with card making stuff there would have been hardly any stalls left in there.

I counted either 4 or 5 stalls that had wool on them. Some of them I would have been tempted to buy from but as you know I cannot wear wool anywhere near my skin (apart from my feet). The Black Sheep were there with their usual pyramid pile of packs of wool.They may have been a fraction of the full retail price but still expensive to me. I am still not well so I suppose that also coloured my judgment of the whole show as I was rather lacking in patience. Jennifer was also disappointed as she had gone to buy some beads for her jewelry making and whereas last year there had been 3 stalls to choose from this year there was only one. I came away with 2 new crochet books, some rum and raisin fudge and a meat pie for my dinner.

I finished another hat from a Sirdar vintage pattern. I don't think I would have started it had I read the pattern before I started. Each row of has 2 ends to weave in as I could not strand up the sides of the knitting as the wool would have been on the wrong side for my next grey row. Notice the cigarette on the pattern cover?

I have included some photos from one of the books today. I will put the other babies crochet book on tomorrow. I must admit that with a title Crochet that Fits I would have expected more garments and nore pattern fitting techniques and less handbags, headbands etc. The book is Crochet that Fits by Mary Jane Hall and have it for sale if you like it. I bought mine from the book stall who had a stall at the exhibition. I will put photos from the crochet baby book on here tomorrow.

I am off for a nap as I still haven't managed to get much sleep again. I finished up sleeping in the reclining chair again last night. After today I have 2 more days worth of steroids to take then it will be back to the doctors on Monday if there is no improvement.I still have very little voice and am coughing for England. I have housework that should be done but I am absolutely knackered so I am going to try to snatch a nap until the coughing wakes me up again.


Anonymous said...

When i have lung stuff ( i get bronchitusy at least once a year ) i sleep in my chair the whole night for a couple of nights. It helps because you aren't laying flat which can tire your sore lungs out easier. It might help you :)
I love the hat! I always appreciate seeing the magazine pictures too.

Zu said...

I really like some of those patterns! Man I'm getting feminine in my old age!lol I may look into getting that book.

I hope you get some decent sleep Jan. Don't worry about the house work, it'll wait for you. ;-)