Friday, 27 February 2009

Hey - you kept all my toys

Hi - this is Buster and I am visiting for the weekend. My second mum is brill. She lets me sit on the sofa and plays with me all of the time and I don't have that pesky Rottweiler Skye chewing my ears and fighting me all the time. It took me five minutes to remember where my mum stashed all the toys. The photos are of me trying to decide which ball to chase first. I think I will just tip the whole basket on it's side and roll them all out. Then I can make a choice. Mum has just brushed me. She had forgotten the joys of my sitting on her knee and moulting all over her. Silly Mum - wearing navy blue fleecy trousers when I am coming to stay. She muttered that she has brushed enough fur out of me to make a pair of mittens.

Mum thinks she is going to do some crochet tonight - Wrong. I plan on moulting all over her Pink Duster so that she will have to play ball with me instead. I must go now - I smell something that needs investigating - hmm could be some dog biscuits. I will eat those and then slurp my water all over the kitchen floor to make a flood. Boy I really like visiting here! I have got my lead ready to drag Mum all around the woods tomorrow morning after I have slept all over her bed tonight! Boy - it's a dog's life!

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