Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another day and I am still coughing

I started taking my steroids, that the doctor prescribed for me yesterday, this morning. I had to take 8 tablets all at once. I do hope that they work soon. I went to the hospital today for a chest X Ray and there was 3 or 4 people barking like seals and all saying that they had their coughs since Christmas. Whatever I have got at least I am not alone! I won't get the results of the X Rays for 10 - 14 days. Lets hope that the next 8 tablets start to work tomorrow. I am now losing my voice with all the coughing and am desperate for a good night's sleep.

I have finished a hat which I adapted from a very old Patons Big Ben pattern. I have modernised it by leaving off the turned up brim and the bobble as my niece and her fiance like the beanie shape. It isn't a cable but a 3 stitch twist. I had to knit the third then the second and then the first stitch a little tricky but at least I didn't need a cable needle. The wool is Rowan Little Big Wool which I think is thicker than the Big Ben but it has knitted up quite firmly and so will be a very warm hat. The hat took approx 75 grams. I am making a hat in beige in the same wool but using another vintage Big Ben pattern in fisherman's rib.

I haven't done much knitting today as I came home from he hospital and fell asleep. I don't remember getting much sleep at all last night so I was pretty knackered.

I have got my MRI scan appointment for my knee. I am being scanned in a van again (which I hate because I suffer from claustrophobia) which has a smaller gun barrel to thread me into. Being a big lass means there is very little space for me to slide in the tube. The limit apparently is 21 stones so how on earth anyone that size fits in it is a miracle. My appointment is for Sunday afternoon. I can't say no and say I will wait for the main larger hospital scanner as my specialist appointment is in February and they don't have a scan date for that machine before my appointment. I hope that my cough has diminished before then as I will really panic if I start a coughing fit in the scanner. I had better make sure I have some boiled sweets ready. I asked about my spinal plate and pins and apparently they are titanium and not affected by magnetism. I didn't fancy the pins being sucked out of me or me being stuck to the roof of the scanner!


sylvia said...

The hat looks great Jan

Zu said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Sounds like you have a lot of medical issues going on.
OMG, having the pins sucked out would not be very enjoyable at all! *shudder*