Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's still quiet in my house

It's still quiet. My voice has not come back nor has the coughing ceased. It's day two of the antibiotics so fingers crossed that today will be a better one.

I finished off the super chunky shawl. I had to add the toning plain colour as the shawl would not have been big enough with just the random colour. I decided against the fringing as it tends to get a bit scraggy with washing and went with a shell border instead.

I ordered some DVD's for my brother's birthday from Amazon and this crochet Aran Sweater book fell into my basket accidentally on purpose. I really like the look of the contents as I don't always want my crochet to be openwork and decorative. I will take photos of the contents and post them tomorrow.

Zuleika from Life in the Zu has given me an award which I will pass on when I work out what I am supposed to do. I will plead tiredness today due to lack of sleep and try to work it out tomorrow.


Knitting Nurd said...

Hope you feel better soon Jan!!! Your shawl is lovely and I have to agree, I like the shell edging much better than if you had put fringe. :=)

Zu said...

Love the shawl. The edging you chose is perfect for it.
Don't worry, no rush on the award thing. Get some sleep if you can. :-)