Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tiny Bootees

I have made 4 pairs of bootees with the cream wool I had left over from making my two hats. I made the last pair after I took the photo in case you think that I can't count! I have shown one pair with the top left unfolded and so they look like a pair of socks. My friend can choose whether she turns them up or down. The baby is so tiny that left up they might reach his little knees!

I had a phone call today to say that my builder is coming to re plaster my bedroom ceiling bay and put a guttering on my garage first thing in the morning. When I had the garage re-roofed it didn't have a gutter on it so he didn't put one on it but now that the roof works more efficiently it needs a gutter. It will be a busy day as my niece is calling to collect my brother's birthday present from me as she will see her Dad on his birthday. In the afternoon I have an appointment to see the knee specialist. I don't think that I will get much knitting or crochet done tomorrow but I will find a small project to take with me to the hospital just in case I have a long wait.

I have to move all the bits and pieces from my bedroom tonight as everything would get very dusty otherwise. I can't move the bed but I am sure I can cover it with something and they can work around it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your appointment today went ok. I *think* it's about 19:00 there :) Sending good energy!

~laurie aka rewselene