Thursday, 5 February 2009

Superior crochet and more hats

I am not blowing my own trumpet with the title Superior Crochet. It is not a description of my crocheting talents but the title of a new booklet called Superior Crochet with designs by Doris Chan and Kristin Omdahl. There is a fantastic shawl on the front cover (click on my blog title to be taken to Doris Chan's blog site for a view) which I would dearly love to make to wear at my niece's wedding in April if my crocheting skills will allow.

Needless to say the pattern is available in the US but one of those that are so hard ,if not impossible, to order from the UK. I had asked my friend Vicky to be on the alert for a site that stocked it as my ordering from the US skills are practically zero and my brain freezes over at the mere thought of Paypal etc. I have only just mastered ordering online in the UK! Anyway, I digress as usual.I was thinking that I would never get the pattern in time to start it for the wedding when a fellow crocheter from Ravelry, whose husband is coming to the UK on a visit, has offered to get a copy for me in the US and post it to me from the UK when he arrives. I will, of course, be paying the cost plus postage. How kind is that.

I never cease to be amazed by the kindness of fellow crafters. We are a wonderful band that sticks together and helps each other whenever we can. I can't think of any other band of people who do so much for each other. I think there is something about the art of crochet and knitting (plus other crafts) that brings out the best in people. I know that Ambermoggie will support me in this one. I was amazed by all the support I received from my knitty community when I had my spinal operation. I had such a show of love and help that really helped me get through it all. Thanks to you all ladies (and gentlemen) you know who you are so I won't name you individually but I still thank you for your kind thoughts and gestures.

I managed to squeeze another hat out of the Rowam Little Big wool. I used the oddments left from the single coloured hats and made one with a 2 row colour change which I think looks quite nice. I then used the oddments left from my cream crochet hat to make one for me to match my bought scarf. I found that my crochet hat was a little on the short side and didn't cover my ears properly so today I added another row of crochet rib to the bottom.

I am hoping that my steroids will start to work soon. They may already have had some effect as although I did wake up coughing quite a few times last night I did manage to get some sleep which is a bonus. I am hoping to be well enough,snow permitting, to get to the Stitch and Creative crafts show at the G Mex tomorrow with my friend Jennifer. Unfortunately the show has the reputation of being less for the knit and crochet people and more for the card making and cross stitch brigade. I just hope that there will be enough to keep this crocheter/knitter happy.

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Zu said...

Love the hats! They look so cozy. :-) I see I have a lot to catch up on over here! lol