Saturday, 21 February 2009

Part of my knitwear stash!

Why do I put my central heating on when I could just wear two or three of these? I wish that I could say that this is my entire wardrobe of hand made items but there is another cupboard with sleeveless tops and waistcoats in plus about 5 shawls scattered about the house. Now you know why one of my New Year's resolutions was not only to diminish my wool stash but also to stop making so many items for me!. Having said that I do have my eye on a jacket from my new crochet Aran book plus I have that Superior crochet book coming soon. I guess I shall have to have a sweater cull soon!

Yesterday I went to the hospital and was there most of the afternoon. Apparently not only do I have a tear in my cartilage I also have bad arthritis in both knees and in view of this and my often medically mentioned, but never officially diagnosed, osteoporosis, spondulitis and arthritis I am now to have a full bone scan to discover the exact state of play bone wise so that they can decide on whatever supplements I may need in the future to prevent further wear and tear. In view of my family history on both sides of my family they need to know if my osteoporosis and arthritis is genetic as both can be inherited depending on what kind it is.

I had my pre op tests and they could not find any trace of a chest infection but obviously they have to decide when to operate on my knee with my constant coughing.They want to do it asap so I may have to consult with the anaesthetist first. I have also been instructed therefore to get back in touch with my GP to be referred to ENT to make sure it is not a recurrence of nodules on my voice box. I had 2 removed about 10 yrs ago when I had a very similar coughing problem and loss of voice. I did get a compliment in pre op. I got called into a room and the technician said can you confirm your name and date of birth for me. I did. She said and your age. I said 63. She said well you must have very good genes then as I thought I had the wrong patient for a minute. I hope I look as good as you do when I am 63!

The knee specialist says I have to observe the two P's once I have my op. Patience - the op is short but the recovery is long and Physio as my knee will need a lot of work to get it back to full mobility.

I will not be getting much crochet or knitting done today as I have to clean up the bedroom after the ceiling re plaster. The workmen were really good and cleared up after themselves but there is a layer of dust over everything as the plaster settles and dries out. I dumped everything on the spare bed yesterday much to the disgust of next door's cat Oscar as he had to search to find a spot to sleep in this morning. They have 3 sometimes noisy children next door and I think he comes into my house for a bit of peaceful undisturbed sleep.

The workmen asked me if I was having a new knee when I have my op. I said no - they said pity with your "new" back and then a knee you are slowly turning into the bionic woman!


Mad about Craft said...

So something else to look forward to - I don't think. Hope it helps though.

Zu said...

My goodness that's a lot of clothing! Do you atleast wear any of it? lol

You are breaking down my poor darlin! I hope it all goes well and soon you can get back to some sort of normal life.