Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I love my vintage patterns

I have made up another hat from a vintage hat pattern. This is in the same wool as yesterday Little Big Wool by Rowan and I have used a vintage Patons Big Ben pattern. The stitch is fisherman rib where I purled into the row below on every row thus making a big ribbed stitch. The pattern took approx 65 grams so I am hoping to make a striped version using the part balls of the two colours. I think I will make one for myself with this pattern when I have finished doing their hats. I first made it for myself in pale blue Patons Ariel brushed chunky when I was 17 and loved it then.

It's a good job that I can manage on little or no sleep as I didn't get any sleep at all last night. I would feel myself falling asleep and then jerk awake with a racking cough. The steroids can't have worked in my body as yet. I took my second lot of 8 tablets this morning and am hoping for a better night tonight. I have done 3 nights now with very little sleep and I am absolutely knackered. I didn't get dressed until lunchtime today and that was a big effort.

I have done very little knitting because I am so tired but I am hoping to finish off the hats so that I can give them to my Manchester based niece when she comes to give me a lift for my scan on Sunday. I am grateful for her offer as the buses don't run as regularly on a Sunday. I can give her the hats as my London based niece is coming up in 2 weeks for a wedding dress fitting. If I post things to my niece and her fiance then because they are at work until late everyday they have to travel miles to the parcel depot at the weekend to pick up any undelivered parcels so it is so much easier to give her things in person,

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June said...

I love the vintage patterns too. I really wish I had kept my old patterns as they would bring back lots of memories. I used to knit all the time when my children were small back in the seventies. I used to crochet some lovely children's dresses for my daughters too. I sometimes see the patterns on Ebay and am tempted to buy them again.