Thursday, 26 February 2009

Flowers in the Bath

Flowers in the bath. I had hoovered the artificial flowers from the landing and my bedroom and even though they weren't in the room when the plastering was being done they still finished up full of plaster dust. As I wasn't happy that they were dust free I put them under the shower for a rinse. Well how else do you clean your flowers?

I am still plodding on with he Pink Duster as you can see. I still have at least as much body to crochet as I have already done but it will take me longer as I increase after this row and change the pattern.

I am impatient to be finished as my new booklet Sublime crochet has arrived. Although I can't yet start anything for my niece's wedding I do have some pale grey Sublime mohair (thanks Vicky) that will make the beaded scarf pattern (without beads) for my sister in law. There are only 8 patterns in this booklet but I do like at least 5 of them so I am glad that I got it. I had it sent to me by a Ravelry member Skeinfest who lives in the US and bought it over there for me and had her husband post it to me from the UK. I could pay her in sterling so it has worked out very well for me. There is no way I could have bought the magazine without her help as Filatura Di Crosa don't appear to ship to the UK. I have linked Doris Chan's post about the book to the title of the blog if you want to see the garment photos from the magazine.

Tomorrow I am getting my son's dog Buster back for the weekend. My son and daughter in law are going away for the weekend and so I shall be looking after Buster for a few days.


Beansieleigh said...

I remember reading once that you should throw your flowers in a bag with table salt, and shake... But I don't like wasting my table salt on something like that! The most common and sound advice I prefer though is cool water with some dish soap.

Zu said...

That'll be nice to have Buster back for a while. :-) The duster is looking good.