Sunday, 15 February 2009

Second anniversary day for my blog

I never thought when I first started this blog that I would still be writing down my daily thoughts some two years later. What is even more amazing to me is that people actually read it. That is something that I never envisaged when I first put finger to keyboard for the first time. I thought it would be an online personal waffle for me to refer back to at a later date. Thanks to everyone who had read and encouraged me over the last two years.

Our Knitting Noras community is still reeling from the sad news about Sarah and we are now making a knitted bouquet with each of us making flowers (in pink for breast cancer) which we hope to complete and present to Sarah's mother and sister at a later date. Our Naked Knitting Calendar web site has a tribute to Sarah. I think that we had always intended the calendar to be a tribute to Sarah but now sadly it will also become a memorial to her as well. Please continue to visit and support this web site
as it is a cause dear to all of our hearts.

I have finished my crochet chevron lacy cardigan. I am not a grey lover but I am sure it will become a useful addition to my wardrobe. I have more peacock tendencies when it comes to colour. Wave anything purple or deep jewel coloured my way and you have definitely got my attention. I guess I will never be a tastefully dressed kind of lady. Left to my own devices, fashion wise, I would waver between dressing like an ancient hippy complete with flowing skirts and granny square waistcoats and dressing like a lady of the night complete with corsets, stockings, black lace,velvet jackets and high heels. In reality, of course, I resemble a badly tied parcel, a bag lady with a hotch potch of style. Oh to be well groomed. I hope my niece will give me some input as to what I should wear for her sister's wedding or I could turn into Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) in my attempt to look tasteful.

I am off to stash dive for pink wool to make some flowers before I forage in my now well stocked fridge (thanks Julie for the lift to Tesco and rescuing me from having to eat the carpet as there was nowt in the house) to make something vaguely healthy for my dinner. Despite my existence this last week or so on fast food from the freezer and mountains of boiled sweets to calm the coughing I have managed to shift 5lbs from this overweight body. Only another 2 tons to go girls!

I will refrain from mentioning Valentines Day except to say that I suspect the postman has posted all of my cards through another door as usual and the florist's van had yet another breakdown on the way to my house. One day my prince will come (if they let him out of the home for the bewildered long enough)


Knitting Nurd said...

Jan, your cardigan is gorgeous!!!! Oh, and happy anniversary! :=)

Zu said...

You are too funny! lol I'm sure referring to yourself as a badly tied parcel is going way overboard! ;-)

You know, that happens to me on most valentines days as well. Weird! ;-)

I forgot to post about your calendar on my blog!! I'm so sorry, I'll make sure it's done tonight. Next time just bop me on the head to remind me! ;-)

June said...

Jan, I am so glad that you decided to start a blog two year's ago, as it has made me chuckle and kept me interested ever since I found it and long may it continue.
Your cardigan looks lovely too.

ambermoggie said...

great cardigan Jan and it will go brilliantly with all the hippy and lady of the night clothes:)