Sunday, 22 February 2009

Knit Out Day

Today was the monthly Knit Out day for the Knitting Noras. Thanks Vicky for the lift. I always enjoy a trip out for a chat and a knit (or crochet in my case) It was tinged with a little sadness today as it was our first Knit Out since the sad news about Sarah. We had planned to do some sewing up of the flowers for her bouquet today but Lisa had the flowers and she could not make it today. I am sure that the girls will hold another sewing up session and get it finished on time.

It is always interesting to see what other people are making and what new books they have bought. Gretchen had brought in two lovely fine lacy shawls that she had knitted. I doubt if I would ever have the patience to make anything like that. I would lose track of what row I was on or worse still accidentally pull the stitches off the needles as I am prone to do due to my knitting technique. I knit with one needle under my arm and if I am wearing a woolly sweater I can finish up with the needle still under my arm and all the stitches off the needle when I come to change over at the end of a row.

I started the Lace Duster Coat by Doris Chan whilst I am waiting for my new crochet book to arrive by post. I have linked the free pattern to the blog title if you want to see what it is supposed to look like when it is finished. I did more unravelling today at the Knit Out as I just wasn't concentrating enough. I was doing too much chatting and watching my friend's new tiny foster baby squirm about in his pram.

Tomorrow I will start some housework in earnest. I have wet dusted twice in my bedroom but the plaster dust is still settling all over everything. I have decided not to attempt to decorate the bedroom until after my knee op. I still haven't decided on the decor as although I have had the red walls and gold leaves on the ceiling ceiling for a long time I am reluctant to change to something flowery or magnolia. I have cream walls downstairs to be more conventional but my bedroom is one room I like to stamp my personality on and be a bit whacky. My one regret is that I don't have room (or the cash) for a 4 poster bed with curtains and the ceiling is far too low for an Arabian Night type canopy. I reluctantly took down my dark red draped net curtains and gold incense burners that made my room (according to my son) look like a Turkish brothel I have since been told that Turkish brothels are blue although quite how the guy who told me that knew that bit of info I didn't enquire into as his wife was in the same room! I am keeping my "Come to the Kasbah" Casablanca ceiling fan though come hell or high water.

I shall have to have a think - Hmm deep blue now there is a thought :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow that's just the kind of bedroom i would love! Any chance of pictures? Now i have to think of a way to do it in our room which presently has chocolate brown walls and cream accents.