Friday, 13 February 2009

Strange looking crochet

My crochet today looks a little strange due to the fact that I like to crochet my sleeves before I crochet the body. I am sure it will look more cardigan like when I have finished the second sleeve and started to work the body once again.

Vicky popped in today with some wool for my next project. I can't say more than that at the moment as the person who it is intended for may read my blog and that would spoil the surprise. The next few days blog posts will probably be full of all kinds of things - but not that! I still have the chevron cardigan to finish of course but I will probably work a bit on each project as I do like variety.

I shall be clearing a big space on my window sill so that I will have room for all of my Valentines cards tomorrow. I suspect though that as per usual the postman will post all of mine through someone else's door and the florist will get the address wrong once again. Ha Ha I shall, no doubt, have to wait another year for a mystery admirer to pop a card in the post for me! The last time I got one was a few years ago when my friend's little boy decided that I should have one and sent it to me. Lovely thought but not quite the same thing.

As it was Friday the 13th I decided to take no risks and stayed home all day. Not that I am superstitious or anything. (Yeah right - I wrote that with my fingers crossed)

The doctor rang and said that he really doesn't know what else to try and if I am no better when I have finished these anti biotics then I have to see him on Monday. I do feel a little better today but not as well as I would have thought with 3 days anti biotics under my belt.

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