Sunday, 8 February 2009

Scan in a van day

Today I went for an MRI scan on my knee. I was scanned in one of those mobile scanners which are so small they give me claustrophobia. Luckily when I got there they threaded me into the gun barrel the other way up and just put my feet and lower body in. They remind me of those human cannon ball acts that you have in the circus only there the lightly clad lovely weighs about 6 stones and slides in the barrel easily. All was well until I had a major coughing fit in the middle of the scan and moved my knee about so everything had to be re-done! Trust me. I tried so hard not to cough during the repeat scan by doing all the breathing techniques that I could think of and willing myself not to cough. I managed it the second time but had a mega coughing fit the minute I came out of the machine.

I was pattern searching last night and eventually found the elusive crochet shawl pattern hiding in another pattern. I wasted most of the evening looking for this pattern so didn't get a lot of the shawl done. I will post a photo tomorrow.

Today I am putting on some of the patterns from the Weekend crochet book for babies by Sue Whiting which appears to be written in UK crochet terms - Yippeee. It is the second of the books that I bought from yesterday's exhibition.

I did manage some sleep last night in between coughing bouts. I slept upright on my recliner chair which isn't the best position for my back or neck but at least I managed to nod off and go back to sleep after every coughing bout. I know that -laurie knows exactly how I feel from her comment on my last post as she is a recliner sleeper when her chest is bad also. I think the doc will be seeing me again tomorrow as the steroids should have started working by now.I do hope that it doesn't turn out to be a chest infection after all, when the X rays come back, otherwise I have coughed on a lot of folk this last couple of days. I pray that my niece is immune to my germs.She was kind enough to take me to the scan in her car so I do hope that I haven't repaid her by giving her my cough!

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Zu said...

Looks like you picked up another good book! I really like that pink top.

Oh dear, I was hoping that cough would have left you alone for the scan. Well atleast you eventually got it done. :-)
I'll keep my fingers crossed that your doctors visit is a helpful one.