Sunday, 1 March 2009

Buster has gone home

Buster has gone home and normally has almost returned. I am still de-hairing everywhere and hoovering but I will be able to crochet tonight without adding a little Buster into everything.

My niece called today to do my hair roots and I decided to give her the grey chevron crochet cardigan that I finished off a few days ago. I think I knew when I finished it that I would never wear it. Grey just isn't my colour. I like the pattern though and it was very easy to crochet so I may make myself another one in a different colour. I got her to model the cardigan before she took it home so that you could see what it looks like in wear. I didn't notice until later that she had the sleeve all twisted but I am sure you can see how nice it is despite that!,

She also modelled my Doris Chan Pink Duster coat which is almost finished. I will post photos of that tomorrow. As the coat is so long I knew I would have difficulty taking photos of it so I decided to take advantage of her being here to take a couple of photos of it in wear.

Tonight I might start a pattern from my new Superior Crochet book. I will maybe get some time, after the hoovering and putting new bedding on my bed,to start a bit of crochet My thunb is sore so I won't be doing much. I will let you know which one I decide on tomorrow.

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Zu said...

It really turned out cute! Definitely not your color though. I know how you like your colors! ;-)