Friday, 13 March 2009

Crochet is so much quicker

I find crochet so much quicker than knitting. It has rather spoiled me for knitting. Certain things look far nicer in knitting but they take me so much longer to make that I find I am avoiding them. I have finished off the blue crochet cardigan for my friend's foster baby and have started knitting another cardigan. I knitted all last night and only managed to make 2 sleeves. Pass me my hook!

I have put another 3 photos from the baby bootee book on the blog today but as there are 50 pairs in the book I can't put them all on one blog page. I will just post more photos on days when I have little crochet or knit to show to you.

My thumb is still paining me which is slowing down my knitting. I am keeping it warm and using Ibuprofen gel and hoping that it is just a touch of arthritis and not a dislocation.

The Simply Be catalogue arrived today so I am hoping to be able to chose an outfit for my niece's wedding and then decide if I need to crochet a shawl or a cardigan to go with this outfit. I am a bit limited as I will have to wear flat shoes or sandals and a lot of the dresses will not look right without heels. I am not going to risk heels so soon after my knee operation scheduled for 24th March. I decided on catalogue shopping as I lack the patience to trek limping from shop to shop trying to find the right outfit. Roll on summer as I should be a new woman by then.


June said...

What gorgeous little cardigans. I particularly like the blue one. I agree with you that crochet is so much quicker to do and it spoils us for knitting.
When you decide what to wear for the wedding, one of your beautiful crocheted shawls would be just right to wear over it when you are standing about outside, as you never know what the weather will be like until the actual day. Hope your knee will be better by then too.

Zu said...

The cardigan came out really cute! I love how much quicker crochet is! :-) You would have finished the whole cardigan and not just the sleeves if it was crocheted.

I hope that gel works and that there isn't anything really serious wrong with your thumb. You are falling apart young lady! ;-)