Saturday, 14 March 2009

More Bootee Photos

I have given you some more bootee pattern photos to look at as my knitting got unravelled last night. I thought the sleeves looked a bit on the large side but when I started the body which was done all in one I realised that the baby would be wearing it to pre school and not in the near future. I have knitted that pattern before so was a bit mystified as to why it was coming out so large.

I have restarted with a different smaller chest pattern, less stitches and a smaller pair of needles and it is still coming out larger than it is supposed to but at least it will be wearable soon. The wool must be a thick double knit as the other cardigans I made worked out to size.

I decided to invest in some new foundation and some collagen eye filler as I haven't bought any make up for ages and I have my niece's wedding in April plus the photo shoot for the calendar. I am going to dab on the eye filler and hope for a miracle but I secretly think I should have saved my money and bought a tub of polyfilla instead. The visible lift foundation reminds me, when it dries, of my old maiden aunts with their matt over powdered papery cheeks. I am not convinced that this look has visibly lifted anything as it seems to have dried and emphasised the crepey eye skin. Maybe this is where the eye filler comes in. It is supposed to work it's magic before I powder (sorry put on foundation that dries powdery) my eye area. I shall update you as to whether I suddenly look 10 yrs younger with my elastin, collagen enriched visible lift ( with serum inside) foundation. I suspect though that I have just spent more than I should have on an overpriced product that promises me the world and actually gives me nothing. I could have bought some wool with that money!

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sylvia said...

I love the ones with pointy toes but they all look amasing