Monday, 30 March 2009

Crochet cakes for the Knitting Noras

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Knitting Noras. I was unsure if I would be able to attend but thanks to a lift from Caroline I managed to hobble along. The knee is coming along nicely. Still a bit tender but less swollen and bending better.

I gave the baby cardigans to our foster mum member although one of them will fit the baby when he is about 12 months old as the wool was a bit thick for the pattern! Never mind. Babies soon grow. Better too big than too small.

There is now a committee (Wheeltappers and Shunters style for those of you old enough to remember) for the Naked Knitting Calendar and the ladies have done a terrific job in finding out tons of information about the technicalities of producing this calendar. For those of you with Ravelry we have now set up a group called The Knitting Noras' Naked Calendar 2010. Please join us and show support. We will be adding more information to this group and the TKN blog sites as things progress. We will be counting on you to spread the word once the calendar is ready for sale later in the year. If you only tell a couple of people the word will spread. It's all in a good cause ladies - Christies Hospital treats cancer patients from all parts of the UK not just the North West.

The knit and crochet cakes are another idea that we have had for fund raising. I found these patterns by Googling 'free crochet cake patterns'. I have put one link in the blog title but there are quite a lot more. Debs has found a lovely knitted cupcake pattern on Ravelry and her cupcake looks far more realistic than mine does.I don't have a photo of this at the moment but perhaps one will appear on our blog or Ravelry site soon. Perhaps I should try to knit a few next time. I have run out of toy stuffing so will have to search out a source as my LYS has now closed down due to redevelopment of the site. That is my excuse for not making any more at the present.

I have started knitting a sock monkey similar to Ladybird Murphy (of Channel M TV fame) for my friend in Kentucky but there is not much to show of that as yet.I will have to buy a bag of stuffing to complete him so than I will have lost my excuse for making a few more cakes! Ladybird Murphy put in a guest appearance at the Knit Out and is now dressed Biggles style in a waistcoat and flying helmet.

I have also crocheted 6 squares for a granny square jacket for Lisa. I need 72 so only another 66 to go! I want to make as many different colour variations on the squares as possible so it takes me as long to choose the colour combinations as it does to crochet the square. My coffee table looks like an explosion in a wool shop at the moment. How people stay neat and crochet many colours is an art I have yet to master.

I have put a photo of the very old Patons SC44 baby pattern on here. I bet it strikes a few chords. Is it the one that you used Ambermoggie? My mother used to swear she used it to knit for me but I doubt that the pattern is THAT old! I used it for my son who is now 40.


June said...

That baby pattern is very old. I clearly remember knitting it for my cousin who was born in 1958 and I kept it to make for my own babies. I love the crocheted cakes, they look good enough to eat.

Knitting Nurd said...

Eeeek! I gained weight just looking at your yarn cakes! hehehe Very pretty!

Zu said...

Those cakes are adorable! Good enough to eat. ;-)