Thursday, 5 March 2009

The shed has gone

My friend's son who is over from Spain to visit his parents took down my old garden shed for me. I have been wanting this shed removing for a long time as I don't use it and I wanted the space to maybe put a greenhouse there next year. I thought that I didn't use it but found all this paint inside it. Needless to say the paint is no longer usable and will be going in the bin pot by pot.

I advertised the shed on Freecycle as although it is old the wood is in reasonably good condition. It will need a new roof as one of the panels was a casualty of the dismantling. I am waiting for a guy to come and collect it and it's new home will be a community vegetable allotment. I am glad that someone can re-use it.

Needless to say I didn't get much crochet done as it was late when the work was finished. Today I am doing some housework and am going to see if my old electric floor cleaner still works ( that was in the shed also) on my kitchen floor.

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Zu said...

That's a pretty large space you have now that the shed is gone. A greenhouse would be great! :-)