Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Doris loves her pineapples

I have started the Scalloped Capelet from the Superior Crochet booklet. There is no mistaking who designed this. It has to be Doris Chan as she loves her pineapple design so much. If you read her blog though she says that they always remind her of little fishes.

I am making this with Sublime kid mohair Shade 025 and am still on my second ball. The capelet does go a lot wider in a similar shape to the Blue Curacao shawl so I imagine that it may take a lot of the 5 remaining balls before I finish it.

I took my crochet with me to the hospital today but didn't get much done. It was for my bone density scan and they took me out into the car park to be scanned in a van in a matter of minutes after I arrived. It wasn't one of those scary thread you down a tube scans I just had to lie on a bed whilst a small overhead scanner passed over me around the hip area. Apparently that is the best place to scan on a lady to see osteoporosis. The technician was quite enthralled by my back as she had never scanned anyone with pins and a plate in their back before so she asked did I mind if she had a closer look. I was quite comfy so I laid there with my feet propped on a big square cushion whilst she ooed and aahed with the other technician over my metalwork. At least I know she did a thorough job!

Vicky has updated the Naked Knitting Calendar page today with a lovely photo of herself. Lisa and Francesca. If you click on the blog title you can read all about the fun that they had on the first photo day. I only hope I look as gorgeous as they do when it's my turn. I suspect that I will need the whole shawl that is covering the three of them just to cover me!


stormina_teacup said...

Glad the scan was nice and easy ;) hope getting the results is too! Lx

Crobbles said...

You wait... you will have a wonderful day with awesome photos of yourself at the end. It's very empowering and a giggle too!

Zu said...

I've always found pineapples pretty, but have yet to try them. Yet another thing on my to-do list.

Glad the scan went well, and hopefully the results are positive.