Thursday, 12 March 2009

New Bootees book

I had to order gifts from Amazon for one of my niece's birthday present and of course a book for me jumped into my basket. 50 baby Bootees to knit by Zoe Mellor. I have this involuntary reaction whenever I go on Amazon to order something for someone else. Well that's my excuse anyway.

I haven't had chance to really look at the book as yet but at first glance there looks like quite a variety of lovely bootees, shoes and socks. The review on Amazon was slightly disconcerting as one person found mistakes in the patterns. I will update on this after I have knitted some of them. I will post a few more photos tomorrow.

Not much to report on the knit/crochet front. I have been busy with other things and my knitting and crochet has rather taken a back seat. I have now finished the blue baby crochet cardigan that is shown on here. I just have the buttons to stitch on now. Finished photo tomorrow.

There has been lots of interesting news on the Naked Knitting Calendar scene with interviews and photos of Lisa and the Noras who met up on Tuesday which will hopefully appear in the Bolton Evening News. We also have other interviews and possibly a TV appearance lined up which I will update about later. All of this has resulted in more time on the PC with e mails flying back and forth and less time doing any crocheting or knitting.

The last bit is from a letter sent to my GP from the consultant that I saw about my knee. Isn't that sweet. What a good bedside manner he has. I must say he was very patient and answered more of my questions about my knee, spine and general bone condition than anyone ever has in the past.

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Zu said...

I love amazon! Amazing how things always seem to hop into the basket though. ;-)