Friday, 20 March 2009

The Knitting Noras on You Tube

Bev has put the video of our Channel M slot on You Tube. When I watched it I was stunned. Not by Lisa and Bev who were extremely eloquent on it but by myself. To quote the words of Robert Burns - O would some Power, the gift to give us. To see ourselves as others see us.

I knew, of course, that I had put on a lot of weight but since I retired, and more so since my spinal op, I live in sweat pants and loose tops and glance at myself in the mirror merely to brush my hair or occasionally put on some make up. When I was working I always gave myself the once over in the full length mirror before leaving the house. I did get a big clue this week when I tried on most of my "best" wardrobe and hardly anything fitted.

After seeing myself on You Tube I have come to the conclusion that everyone who is gaining weight should be videoed by their doctor who then plays it back to them. If that doesn't bring them to their senses then nothing will. It was an eye opening shock for me and from now on I shall be taking my diet far more seriously. I will also be seeing my doc again about my cough after hearing my croaky voice in the video. I lost my voice for a couple of weeks but I hadn't realised just how deep and rough is still sounds. I sound like a hardened smoker and I have never smoked. I think a another trip to the ENT is next on the agenda.

The Tall Latte crochet sweater has grown a little since the photo above and I have decided to use the two other colours pictured to devise some way of making the sleeves and body longer as I have no desire to unravel it and make something else. I did some work on the sleeves last night and am quite pleased with the result so tonight I will work on the rest.

I have a lot of housework to do today as my house is looking untidy even to my eyes and I know my son is coming on Sunday for Mother's day and possibly bringing my great grand babies so I had better make sure nothing lethal to children is lying about. Put away my sharp pointy sticks, scissors and stitch markers etc before little fingers get stabbed or stitch markers get swallowed.

By the way you can view the You Tube video. I did try to add it to my blog title as a link but Blogger didn't like it. I am rubbish at posting links as you know so you will probably have to cut and paste to be able to view it. com/watch? v=d0wzyHg7FIc

I shall hide away doing my housework in my over sized sweat pants whilst you watch.


June said...

I have just been looking at the Knitting Noras on YouTube and it was great to see you Jan. I loved the idea of the knitted monkey, he looked so cute sitting on the desk. Looking forward to seeing the calendar when it is published.

Knitting Nurd said...

What a wonderful interview it was Jan! You say you're in your 60's? Unbelievable!!! You look far younger and I'm sure the camera added at least 10 pounds as they say it does.
I'm not sure if the lady knitting is Bev or Lisa? I love her brown top she was wearing! It looked I right?

Manifestation said...

Thanks Nora,adorable.Pretty cute knitting.Wish you n all the Mom's a joyful Mother's day ahead.

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stormina_teacup said...

Rubbish Jan, you look lovely - as indeed you are. Curvilicious is the word!
Knitting Nurd - yes it's a crochet top, and glad you like!

Zu said...

I thought you looked great! Very nice interview as well. You're all getting tons of publicity!