Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Arrow Points the Way

Just in case the surgeon wasn't on the ball they mark which knee with an arrow pointing it out to show the way!

I went in for day surgery yesterday. What a strange experience that was. Organised chaos. The morning patients had to turn up at 7.30am to be ushered into our little beds. I know I am struggling with my weight problems but how on earth a full grown man could lie on one of those without bits of him hanging over the sides I will never know. Just don't try to fall asleep on one as God forbid that you should turn over and fall out! It was a ward with two sides and I was put amongst the guys. Has someone told them about the Naked Knitting Calendar?

There was some dispute as to whether I should be a day patient or not. Once again the sleep apnoea issue raised it's head. Eventually the anaesthetist decided that she would attempt a spinal block. Two attempts and if she couldn't do it then I would have to go home again. At lunch time I was ushered into theatre.

First attempt was no good. I had told her previously about my spinal pins and plate but she attempted too low and of course could not get the needle in. After a discussion she decided to do as I had said in the first place and try higher than the scar area and she managed to get it in.

What a surreal experience. I was wheeled into theatre and before they put up the screen up to shield my view I could see my leg being waved about in the air as they painted it a delightful shade of orange. I knew it was my leg but it was like an out of body experience. First time that I had ever been in a theatre awake.

It all went well. I couldn't feel the operation but I could feel the pushing and tugging on my knee. He said after the op that he had managed to shave off part of the cartilage and did a general wash out of debris around the knee but the majority of my problem is arthritis in the knee joint and he couldn't do anything about that until it was bad enough for a new knee. Jeepers I don't want new knees.

I am home with painkillers and dire warnings about keeping my leg moving about to prevent DVT and a crepe bandage that keeps slipping down. That has to remain on for another 24 hrs and then I am thankfully allowed to shower and change the dressings.

I am off now to knit and crochet and put my leg up. Nice to not have to feel guilty about the cleaning etc that will get left today,


Zu said...

I am sooo glad it all went well. It must have been so freaky to be awake! I think I would have hated that.
Just make sure you relax and don't move a muscle unless absolutely necessary!

Beansieleigh said...

Always enjoy reading your posts, and seeing what you've made lately! Do take good care of that leg, and just enjoy your time to relax and crochet!

June said...

Glad you have got it over and done with. Now you can relax and just get on with some crochet or knitting. Take care Jan.