Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Where are you Gok when I need you?

Since my spinal operation it is no secret that I have stacked on quite a few pounds. Today I decided to try on a few outfits from my wardrobe. How depressing. Not even a pair of Gok Wan's huge bodyshaper knickers could heave me in enough to fit into my few staple outfits that I drag out whenever I am invited to an occasion. Luckily I had already decided to buy something new for my niece's wedding as my "posh" outfits won't go anywhere near me!

I knew I had put on weight of course but still stupidly thought that I could fit into at least some of my wardrobe. Thank goodness I had a try on before I needed them. I have managed to find something that fits but I still bear a close resemblance to an overstuffed sofa. What makes it all the more sad is that I have been trying to diet for the last couple of weeks!

The knitting has not grown by a stitch despite going to the Kings Arms knit club last night. My crochet has grown but I still have the dilemma of only having one ball left and the sweater is still not long enough and the sleeves are too short. Hmm thinking cap on to see what I can improvise.

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Zu said...

It amazes me how quickly the pounds creep on! How is it possible to gain 10 lbs. from a few bars of chocolate!
I hope you find something nice to wear, and am also hoping you find a solution to the not enough yarn problem. :-)