Sunday, 15 March 2009

Back to Crochet

As my thumb has still not recovered fully I decided to start some crochet to alternate with the knitting. It's another one of Doris Chan's. It will be a Tall Latte but probably with long sleeves if there is enough wool.

The blue wool has been unravelled so is not looking so good re knitted. I am sure it will recover once it has been washed. I have started an old pattern but will make it without the tie fastenings as I think they can get in the baby's mouth. Whether it has a hood or not depends on how much wool I have left when I have finished the main body.

My Staghorn Sumac tree is slow to start budding with it's leaves this year. Today the sun has been shining but there has not been a lot of warmth to the day. Two birds decided to make it their perch for a few minutes. I am not well up with birds so not sure exactly what they are. Possibly wood pigeons? The photo is not very clear as it was taken behind glass. I thought I would scare them away if I opened the door.

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Zu said...

You Doris Chan groupie! lol

Hope your thumb feels better soon babe.