Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Knitting Noras were on Channel M News today

Today I had an early start. I was so afraid of over sleeping and missing the alarm that I kept waking up all through the night. I met up with Lisa, Bev and Eadaoin in Manchester as we were being interviewed by Channel M News. Channel M is Manchester's local TV channel and they wanted to interview 3 of the Noras about the Naked Knitting Calendar. It was all very tranquil and not at all scary but I still managed to be the fat one looking scared (or should that be scary one) on the end of the sofa. They say TV puts pounds on you but when I caught sight of myself out of the corner of my eye on the screen I think it put 2 stones on me. No wait a minute, that really is the way I look. Memo to self must stay on my diet!!!

We just had to sit on a sofa and be interviewed. Luckily they only asked me one question but Lisa was animated as usual and managed chat away to the presenters without any signs of nerves at all. Bev and Lisa managed to get most of the details about the calendar across and thankfully the interviewers didn't dwell too much on the naked aspect and make fun of us. They dealt with us very professionally.

Bev had brought sock monkey with her and he was on the table whilst we sat on the sofa being interviewed. He stole the closing shots as the camera gave him his big close up. Sock Monkey is something that Ravelry started. Apparently people knit a sock monkey and post it off and it stays with it's new owner for a month whilst you knit it a set of clothes and then pass it on. Bev's sock monkey is in New York at the moment. The sock monkey we had today was knitted by a lady in Ireland. I think in the end you get your own sock monkey back again but I am not sure about that so I must ask Bev.

Eadaoin came with us and has taken some more photos of us whilst we were in the studio. Hopefully I can post more on here later. The top that I finished up wearing had rather a low neck and so I was wearing the necklace and bracelet that Eadaoin made for my birthday. Now Eadaoin can put "as seen on TV" on her Etsy site (link is on my favourites) The photo of the four of us outside Channel M was taken by Lisa's son. He did well. Most children his age would have chopped all of our heads off!

Bev is going to see if she can post a video of our interview on You Tube later. I will post the link tomorrow if she managed to do that.

My knitting and crochet has rather been over looked this last few days so now the excitement is over and my five minutes of fame have gone I shall have to settle down to a bit of normality.

I need a lie down now as my knee is aching with the walking about in Manchester. I hope that they manage to fix it for me next week. It makes a change from saying my thumb is hurting. That will be when I start crocheting later. I still haven't decided what to do with the sweater to make it longer as I will have to introduce another colour to eke the wool out. I got the wool in a sale ages ago and so cannot get any more.


Knitting Nurd said...

Wow Jan, now I can say I 'know' someone famous! hehehe I hope you get to put it on YouTube...I'd love to see the interview.
Good luck to you with your knee next week!!!!

sylvia said...

well done all you noras keep up the good work

June said...

Oh Jan, what a great experience to be interviewed on TV. Three cheers for the Noras!