Monday, 16 March 2009

The Knitting Noras are in the newspaper

The Knitting Noras are in the Bolton Evening News today. Anyone who regularly reads my blog knows that we are in the process of making a Naked Knitting Calendar and if you click on my blog title it will take you to the article in the Bolton Evening News web page featuring some of the members. I am not on the photo as it was taken on one of our evening Knit Outs which I didn't attend as I no longer have a car and I am such a wimp about travelling after dark on public transport on a couple of buses and a tram.

I hope that all of this publicity will help us to sell loads of calendars once they are published. Some of the members are working very hard behind the scenes to publicise and attempt to get some sponsorship to keep any overheads down to a minimum.

My Tall Latte is progressing slowly. Yes Zuleika I am turning into a Doris Chan groupie. I like the fact that her designs have no seams to sew after I have finished crocheting. I don't know if I have enough wool to make it the same size as the Tall Latte which you can see underneath the one I am now crocheting. I have a few ideas on how to eke out the wool but it may have to finish up with the shorter sleeve and not the long one that I prefer. I haven't done any more on the baby cardigan. I will finish it off soon.

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Zu said...

Wow the calendar is really taking off!

I know you'll improvise in some way and the tall latte will end up pretty as a picture. ;-)