Friday, 31 July 2009

Party Princess

In case you are wondering it is not me who is the Party Princess. It is the name of the baby cardigan from Candy Babies book by Candi Jensen that I have just finished crocheting. I didn't do the blanket stitch edging as I am not much use at sewing and I didn't think that I would be able to make it evenly spaced like the one in the pattern. I chose instead to just add a row of UK double crochet around the edges and put ribbon in place of the crochet cord. I did this mainly because as usual I had only a couple of yards left after I finished the jacket. I made it from 4 balls of Rowan Cotton Rope which although it was the correct thickness for the pattern I find it to be a bit thick for a baby. The yarn is beautifully soft to crochet with and I would like to use it again for an adult sized garment.

I went back for my second trip to the osteopath and he was pleased that I could give him a good report back on how his treatment has helped me. My knee is still tender but at least I have the correct walking movement so am really hopeful that I will get a good result with a few more treatments. I am continuing to ice the knee 3 times a day and take my Devil's Claw tablets. My neighbour says I look much better and am back to my old cheerful self which I take as a good sign.

Another of my expected neighbourhood babies seems to have made his or her appearance. I had seen the cards on the window bottom but could not gain any clues from those. I caught a glimpse of the baby yesterday but it was all dressed in white so I will have to wait until I see them properly to enquire. There are still 2 babies yet to arrive. This year and late last year has been baby time on our street. At the moment we have 6 boys and 1 girl and 2 girls on the next street.

I have finished off another project but as it is a surprise for someone who might read this blog I can't post any photos until after it has been given to her.

I am going to start yet another baby jacket tonight for the soon to be baby girl that this jacket is for. She was due at the end of this month so she should be here very soon.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

It is lovely Jan and I am so pleased the osteopath is helping with your knee. It is Midland knit group this Monday are you coming:)

June said...

So pleased that your knee is feeling better. Lovely little cardigan Jan.