Monday, 27 July 2009

I am off to see an Osteopath about my knee today

I went to my monthly Knit Club meeting with the Knitting Noras yesterday. Last night I was once again nursing my sore knee and when I got up this morning and it shunted on me as I stepped out of bed I thought that the time has come to get another opinion, I had heard good reports about our local osteopath and so decided to get a second opinion about my knee and treatment from him. I have got to the stage where I will try anything and everything as I am rapidly losing faith in the NHS.

I finished off the crochet baby cardigan. I have not heard of this cotton mix before but It is lovely and soft to work with. I did have to stripe the sleeves and just managed to finish off the cardigan with a very small ball left over as you can see. I have finished off another baby cardigan in turquoise green that I will post photos of tomorrow. I am trying to use up some of the part balls in my stash to make these baby cardigans. I have some new white and pink wool to start for the expected baby girl as she is due at the end of this month so I am expecting a call any day now telling me of her arrival and her name. That will be my next project to start at my other Knit Club meeting tonight. My niece has kindly offered me a lift to the Kings Arms in Salford. it will be nice to visit there as I haven't been for quite a while.

There was only a few at the knitting club yesterday. Just 5 ladies on one man. I think it was mostly to do with it being holiday time and a few ladies are away and the ones that aren't got put off by the rain. I feel like it has been raining for weeks although it hasn't. It just feels like every time I have somewhere to go - shopping, knit clubs, or hospital appointments it is pouring down. I want to sign a petition to bring back summer. Do you think that it will work?

I had a laugh yesterday - well a few as we always do at Knit Club. There is a market that I pass by on my way to the Costa Cafe and as I hobbled by the stalls in the pouring rain this butcher shouted at me - Would you like to sample my sausage? He was holding a plate out to me but he did have a very naughty look in his eye as if he knew exactly what he had said could have a double meaning! The second laugh I had was at the Cafe when I washed my hands after visiting the ladies room. The hand dryer has a very fierce draught and as I have the wrinkled hands of an old lady my skin had a G force effect under the down draught and was rippling about on my hand. A weird look and it made me laugh out loud. Ah well they do say simple things amuse simple minds!


Knitting Nurd said...

I'd love to know what your reply was to the man offering a sample of his sausage! LOL
I'm glad you're off for a second opinion on your knee, Jan! That situation is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's going to be interesting to see what Obama does with our health care system here in the US.
Such a nice little cardigan...I'm looking forward to the next one as your work is always lovely to see!!!

alajnabiya said...

I love the cardigan! The stripes made it cuter than it would have been without them.

I hope the new doctor will be able to help your knee.

June said...

Here's hoping that the osteopath can do something about your knee. Glad you are getting additional help. Lovely little cardigan.