Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Floral Fantasy Pullover finished

The Floral Fantasy Pullover from Lion Brand is finished. I can't model it as it is for Kath and she is considerably smaller than me I don't think that she would appreciate it if I stretched it out for her. I haven't blocked it out so it looks a bit jagged and uneven where the squares are stitched up. I will leave that for Kath to do if she needs it to be any bigger. The arms look very long to me but her mum assures me that Kath has long arms and that sweaters are usually too short for her. I don't think that this sweater's sleeves are too short. I didn't keep count of how many balls of mohair I used and when I asked Kath she wasn't sure how many she gave me. I think that it has probably taken 8 x 50 gram balls, I had to change the hook to 7mm to get the tension right so I think Kath's wool was thinner than the one specified on the pattern. If you want a copy of the pattern then click on the blog title to take you to the free pattern.

I knitted a few hours on the baby cardigan yesterday and have completed about three quarters of the back but the lure of my new shiny crochet hooks (especially a red one)and patterns tempted me away from it last night.I can resist chocolate and alcohol but not the lure of the hook. When I think of how much I used to knit it amazes me how long it seems to take me to knit anything these days plus with my wrist problems my knitting tension is very uneven which gives my stocking stitch a strange ridged look which I am not really happy with.

I started the crochet hooded baby jacket from my new patterns with some left over wool so I doubt if I will have enough to make it with a hood. I think that the wool I am using is thicker than the pattern but it will give me an idea of how the pattern works up before I buy some new baby wool to make it. I am sure it will be worn by Sylvia's foster baby if it fits him. If she likes it I can always make another in better colours and softer baby wool. I managed to make most of the back in just a couple of hours. I think I love the instant gratification of crochet although if I am honest I do like the look of knitting for babies. It's smoother and softer for them to wear.

Buster is coming again this afternoon for a couple of days whilst my son and his wife pack up the caravan and bring it home again. I just wish that my knee enabled me to walk him as I used to. He is very patient with me whilst I hobble around but it can't be much fun for him.

My knee isn't too bad today but then I did nothing yesterday. I don't know what the answer is. I understand what the physio is saying and that I should exercise it but I have been going down this exercise route now since March and the exercise does not seem to be improving the knee at all. As Knitnurd said in her comment her mother has been told not to walk on something that is bone on bone whereas I have been told that exercise will help with my arthritic bone on bone. There are so many different opinions and whilst I don't want to sit all day and do nothing I am finding it really hard lately to force myself to exercise every day and then lie awake in pain all night. There must be a happy medium.

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Zu said...

Finally done! Bet you're glad to see the end of that project. ;-)
The new projects look great. I particularly like the stitch pattern on the crocheted sweater. Love the color choice as well. :-)