Monday, 6 July 2009

Treasure Trove

It might look like a nightmare to those who are purist and only want to knit and crochet with the finest yarns but to me this is treasure trove. I answered an advert on Freecycle for a lady offering leftover wool and was lucky enough to be the one that she chose. Lucky for me also she lived within walking distance so I went there today with my trusty 4 wheeler trolley and came home with it full!

I can see lots of possibilities with the colour ranges there. Baby blankets with the pastel colours, more multi coloured All Shawls with the other colours. There is also a large bag (plus some knitting to unravel) of a pale blue boucle chunky and 20+ balls of Patons Lulu (some kind of furry fancy yarn) in brown. To my delight there was also a Jean Greenhow book of toys that I once had, lent it out and never got it back. I am not much into knitting small animals but this book has some cuties in it.

Buster went home on Sunday so I spent most of today hoovering and dusting. I love him to bits but he does shed everywhere. He will be back this weekend as my son and his wife are away for the weekend again. Buster can never quite decide where he wants to be. He misses them when he is with me but he seems to want to stay with me when it's time to go home with them. In an ideal world he would like me for the petting and cuddles and them for the fun and company of the other dog.

I am still crocheting around the doily (sorry shawl) as the pattern instructions for the edging were very hard to understand so I did it my way as per usual and so am finishing up with far more of a ruffle than the original shawl. Perhaps it will help to weigh the shawl down when I am trying to stretch it out to make a useable sized shawl instead of something that looks like a mantilla or doily with a frill!

I suppose I had better go and bag up my stash, I can't really leave it all over the floor. If my knee was better I would dive in the middle of the pile. I am itching to start something with the stash and my mind is working overtime as to what to make next. I have the squares to finish for Kath's sweater and a knitted baby cardigan for Sylvia before I allow myself the luxury of starting a new project. They will never get finished if I start another new project.

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June said...

What a lovely lot of stash! I know the feeling when you just can't wait to start something new. I have started to make crocheted toys and I love how they give instant gratification and make a change from garments.