Thursday, 23 July 2009

Child Size Short n' Sweet Finished

The child size version of the Short n' Sweet shrug is finished and is blocking on the board. I decided to give it a good soak in fabric softener in an attempt to give it a bit of drape. I am still in the dark as to what the yarn is made of.

I can't find any information about Fantasia other than on Ravelry when they insist that it is wool. I did the burn test and the bleach test and it is definitely not wool. My guess is either cotton or one of those synthetics that mimic cotton. After soaking in bleach it had the consistency of hard string and in the burn test it flared up but there was no smell of burning hair as there would have been with wool and I was left with a hard black brittle fused thread that crumbled when I tried to break it.

The shrug or bolero took 5 x 50 grams of Fantasia but I found it to be very thick for a double knit. I think that the bolero would have looked better in a finer yarn. I put two buttons on to fasten it as I think a small child needs to have things fastened as they rush about. I ran out of yarn so there is a row missing at the bottom of the bolero but I don't think that it is really noticeable.

Today has been mixed weather. Mostly it has been pouring down with rain. At times coming down in torrents and then the sun would shine for a few minutes. I am still waiting for summer to start. Where is it this year?

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June said...

Oh for some global warming around here, the summer has disappeared and it is supposed to be July.