Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm Singing in the Rain

I am making another jacket from the Candy Babies book. I don't know why I say that as I have made this jacket 5 times now and not once have I made it to the pattern. The pattern calls for chenille which I don't think is a practical yarn for a baby and is bound all around with fabric cut on the cross to make a bias binding. Since sewing and I don't see eye to eye that was ruled out right from the start. As I don't use chenille I alter the pattern stitch to an alternating UK double crochet and treble which gives a nice texture to the jacket.

This time I am making it for a baby boy so the ribbon trim is definitely our. I am once again using oddments from my stash and yet again I am running out of cotton and so it might have to have stripes on the sleeves. Sorry Sylvia I know that you don't really like stripes but I am sure that the baby won't mind. I have picked out the balls and assumed that they were 100 gram balls but when I realised that the ball was diminishing rapidly I checked and found there were only 85 grams per ball. Such an unusual amount for a ball of cotton.

The bolero is still soaking wet on it's blocking boards adding to my thoughts that it is cotton as cotton takes forever to dry naturally. Not that we have had much sun in the last couple of days. I went food shopping today and thankfully took my multi coloured golfing umbrella. Boy did I need it. The rain came down in torrents but my brolly kept me nice and dry.

I hope to get the little jacket finished today as I want to take it up to the Knitting Noras Knit Out this Sunday as I know Sylvia will be there. We usually only meet up once a month. I think that the jackets I have made for baby are quite large for him now but I have underestimated his size before and I don't want them to be too small for him by the time he gets them.

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Zu said...

That hat on the front cover is too cute!