Saturday, 11 July 2009

Interweave Crochet Book Summer 2009

After waiting with anticipation for the latest copy of Interweave Crochet I must admit to being slightly disappointed with this issue. There is only a couple of things in it that I would contemplate making. The general reviews on Ravelry are more positive than my thoughts so I guess as usual it is personal choice. It wouldn't do for us all to like the same garments otherwise life would be pretty boring.

For me the front cover Summer Peony by Julia Vaconsin is a possible although I would ditch the awful hook and eye fastenings that look really amateurish. The Aragon Tunic by Robin Chachula is another possibility but for me not in the clashing colours. I think a single colour or at least more toning shades would be my preference. The dresses may look nice on someone slim and the same goes for the beach sarong and the gored skirt. Usually I am a big fan of Doris Chan but I am sorry Doris I cannot see those cafe style curtains anywhere in my house. If you click on my blog title it will take you to more photos from the magazine on the Interweave Crochet site. The bustier top is pretty again for someone slim and I like the retro cardigan although I would have to adjust the neckline at the front as it is obviously too high as the model had to fold it down.

Last night I finished the 24 squares for Kath's sweater and then read the pattern and discovered that I have to make 4 more squares a bit larger for the sleeves. I was looking forward to starting to assemble them today. Ah well.

Yesterday Buster arrived for the weekend and I noticed that Julie next door was attempting to cut some branches off her trees as she said they were stopping the sunlight coming into her lounge. We then had a hilarious afternoon trying to lassoo the branches to bring them down low enough to cut as neither of us is good on ladders at heights. We kept the neighbourhood amused for a while. Julie also cut the privet hedges and so it took us ages to sweep up all the privet leaves. She trimmed the little bush and some low hanging branches from the tree at the front of my house as they were both getting a bit out of hand so I now have a dustbin full of greenery. The local council gives recycling bins to people without gardens and yet my street which has front and back gardens does not have them. When I had transport I used to take them to the tip to the designated green bins but now I have to put them in the dustbin.

My knee is hurting after hydrotherapy but I will attempt to walk Buster some time today but first it's a bit of housework and a shower. Buster has taken his ball outside and is lying in the grass relaxing after his breakfast so seems pretty happy at the moment. I don't like to walk him for a little while after he has eaten and risk giving him an upset stomach.

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Zu said...

Oh well, I guess I can cross this magazine off my to-buy list.