Sunday, 19 July 2009

Crochet Rib Baby Jacket

I made this for the foster baby of a friend, The pattern is King Cole 3052 one of the patterns that I bought from Purplelinda last week. The wool is oddments from my stash and as I did not have enough wool to make the hood I added a collar instead. There are no buttonholes and the instructions are to push the buttons through the stitches of the pattern. I think the front edging looks a bit raggy so would amend that if I made another one. The ribbed effect is made by crocheting around the posts in front on one row and behind the posts on the next row thus making a thicker rib type stitch. The pattern does not mention changing colours on the sleeves and yet the picture shows stripes. I changed colours every two rows to make my jacket look like the pattern. I think my oddments were thicker than the recommended DK weight but it will make a warm winter jacket as it has come out a bit bigger than the baby is at the moment.

Today I have been cleaning up after Buster went home again and so haven't done much crochet today. Last night I fell asleep on the sofa so none done then either.


June said...

What a cute little jacket. It will be warm and cosy when the cold weather comes.

sylvia said...

Baby says thank you Aunty Jan its great

Zu said...

That is gorgeous! You finished it quick too! I almost wish I had a baby to make one of those for. :-)