Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Woolfest Part Three and Other Things

I had gone to Woolfest wearing my Circles Jacket but I knew in my heart of hearts that it was not meant for me. As soon as I tried it on I knew that it had Ambermoggie written all over it. As the day turned out so hot I had to take it off and carry it so that was the omen I was looking for. It was definitely meant for her and so I left it with her at Woolfest. I had made the Farpoint Topper for Ambermoggie from the two balls left over from my version as she had admired mine so once again I just knew that the two balls were meant for her. She plans to customise her version with beading around the edge and I hope that she sends me photos so that you can see the finished result.I crocheted around my version to make it longer in the body but I had thought of making another one and maybe long fringing it so I will be interested to see what Ambermoggie's version looks like for inspiration.

I often make things and when they are finished I think this is more such a person than me and so off it goes to a new home. I get as much pleasure from giving as I do from receiving.

Talking about receiving I was given a beautiful shawl by Ambermoggie. These photos don't do it any justice as it has glints of lurex peeping in and out of the black mohair plus beading at the bottom edge.As you saw from my previous post I was wearing a choker neckband with my name worked in colours and this shawl has picked out the exact colours of the band. It's like Ambermoggie knew I would be wearing it. Strange how things evolve isn't it. I rarely keep any shawls for myself so it is a lovely surprise to be given a knitted one especially as I would never make one due to my hatred of circular needles and probably being unable to squash so many stitches onto a pair of needles. Plus the weight on my poor aching wrists these days.

The Debbie Bliss alpaca silk wool pictured is absolutely glorious to crochet with. I am making a Blue Curacao shawl for Eadaoin with it. The only problem is that although it is truly gorgeous it only has 65 yds per ball, is very thick for an aran weight and I only have 10 balls. I have dropped everything else to crochet this as I have a horrible feeling that I am going to need some extra balls and want to get on with it whilst there is a chance of the same dye lot.

The blue mohair squares are destined to be a sweater for Kath. I have now made 12 squares which is half of the amount required but this crochet is on the back burner until I finish the shawl.

Yesterday I went for my first hydrotherapy session at Hope Hospital ( Salford Royal as it is now known). Just the thing for a sweltering day. Exercise in a very warm pool. I felt fantastic whilst in the water and could easily do all the exercises but when I got out and had to walk for the bus and then the tram it was entirely a different matter. My knee felt ten times worse than before and the last few hundred yards from the metro station to my house nearly finished me off. I had to keep sitting on garden walls and bracing myself to walk a few more steps. It must have taken me over 30 minutes to walk a journey that used to take me less than 10 minutes. Next week I am definitely taking my rucksack instead of a bag and then my heavier wet swimming things will be on my back instead of my arm.

Today I will be in the garden resting. The weather is fine but dull but I have my shorts and vest top on as it is so hot and muggy. I am like my maternal grandmother in that I get a tan just pottering about even if there is no sun. She used to say that she was weathering so I guess I will be out there weathering also.


Knitting Nurd said...

Your poor knee, Jan!! Hopefully, the hydrotherapy will begin to work wonders for it.
"Weathering"...that's funny! I guess that's what I'm going to be doing today then as well, since me and some of my gal pals are off to the beach today. We love sitting in our chairs in the water just enough to where our yarn doesn't get wet. lol

The shawl is beautiful and it's nice that you now have one!!

Zu said...

The shawl turned out beautifully. I bet ambermoggie was really happy with it. I hope your knee gets better soon. The pain must be driving you crazy!