Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sewing motifs together

The motifs for Kath's sweater are now all finished but I still have a lot to do. I have to sew together 6 motifs for the front and 6 for the back. Then I have to crochet at the shoulder edges and sides of both to make the sweater shape. I haven't yet looked how the sleeves are constructed but I know that the collar comprises of 4 motifs so I guess I probably won't finish it off today. The photo shows the squares held together ready for sewing.

Buster has gone home today. My son and his wife brought my 2 great grand daughters to see me for a while this afternoon when they came to pick Buster up as their mum is busing packing for their family holiday tomorrow.I think mum was having a hard time getting packed with two "helpers" so probably welcomed the break of an hour or so. They played ball in the garden with Buster and also patted Poppy who came through the fence for her daily visit.

As I didn't buy anything at Woolfest I don't feel too guilty at going to the Purplelinda site and ordering some new crochet patterns. Most of my baby crochet patterns are very girlish and so I have ordered some that will be suitable for a boy. I know of 3 expected babies. One I know will be a girl but the other two will be mysteries until their arrival which is lovely in this day and age.I know it's practical to know the sex but it does somehow spoils that wonderful surprise at the time of the birth of announcing boy or girl to the family. There are so few surprises in this world these days. I have also added a couple of "me" patterns in there plus a few new coloured crochet hooks to add a little variety to my crochet. I am always losing hooks so a girl can't have too many hooks. They will probably arrive sometime later this week. I will hopefully have finished off the crochet sweater and knitted some more on the baby cardigan before they arrive.

I am going to settle down to some serious crocheting tonight but first I have to make some dinner, remake the bed with clean bedding and clean the cream leather sofa that has been Bustered over the weekend.

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