Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Sitting here watching the rain pour down the patio door (I must clear the blocked gutter above it one day) it is hard to believe that it is July and summer. I don't know about the Grinch stealing Christmas I think he has stolen summer as well!

I went to hydrotherapy yesterday and the instructor and I decided that I am getting no benefit from it at all so I am not continuing with it. I decided mainly because her tuition is very lack lustre to say the least. She is obviously disinterested in her job. She takes no notice of the feedback that I gave her from previous sessions. She has this I know better than you attitude, the exercises are making you better. The other lady in the pool with me said she was not coming any more either as she (the instructor) is hopeless. One the way out I met a lady I shared the pool with last week and she asked me how I had been. I said I am worse after the sessions. She said it had taken her a week to get over the session last week and was going to tell her that she was not carrying on with the sessions. I used to regularly go to water aerobics and got far more out of those sessions than I have from these hydrotherapy sessions. I will have to try to make it back up to the Leisure Centre and resume those lessons.I used to come out of the pool feeling really invigorated.

When I was getting dressed I had one of my knee shunting moments. I must have looked dreadful as the receptionist came rushing over and told me to sit down. She asked what happened and I told her my knee seems to detach for a split second and the pain is similar to when you strike your funny bone in your elbow and it just knocks me sick for a moment. She immediately said I think that you need to see the specialist again and tell him the symptoms. I told her that I have told him but he seems to think that I am imagining it! I see him again in August so let's see if he believes me then.

The baby dress is made from a vintage Lister 2059 pattern. It takes 100 grams of Double Knit in the main colour. I have made this dress many times over the years. It can be worn over a long sleeved T shirt and tights in the winter time or as a sundress in the summer(what summer?) months. I customise it by adding little rosebuds and a picot contrast trim. It is intended for a baby girl due later this month.

Today I did a mountain of ironing. I hate ironing and so leave it and leave it until I have a pile to iron. Along with cleaning out the oven it is one of my pet hates. Now I think I have earned time to sit down, rest, relax with my crochet and watch the TV for the rest of the day.


June said...

Such a pretty pattern and one well worth making over again.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! This is the sweetest little dress! Beautiful! Sorry to hear hydrotherapy is not helping and that your knee is still giving you trouble. Sounds like we're both doing pet-peeve types of jobs today! I'm doing the tub and the refrigerator today, while trying to get over a cold-n-flu bug. I'll TRY not to overdue, but Dear Son has a birthday coming up and I want the place shiny before company comes!.. So we do what we have to do! You did enough, though, it sounds.. so yes, sit back, crochet, and catch your favorite shows!

Pammy Sue said...

What a beautiful little dress. I love the white and peach...it's so pretty and girlie!

Mad about Craft said...

I've read about your knee with mounting concern. You do need to see the consultant again because it doesn't sound right at all. If you don't get any joy out of him/her ask for a second opinion. You have enough to contend with without this! good luck!

Sweet dress!!